the second eye
Fine art photography


This series is provoked by the multiple terrorist attacks in London that spilled blood of innocents in 2017. I could not come to terms with the fact that it was manifested by some who shared the same space in this multicultural city that is called home by such a diversity of people across the world. It led me to believe in this age of tiny screens isolating people and creating a virtual sense of connection through so called social networking, we are missing the real connection. It compelled to me move out of studio work and meet people of the city, to visit the place in the city they simply love, to reconnect in real and remind us what the city means to us and the people around us, who could well share the same sentiment about the place without us knowing. I, therefore, left my DSLR behind and picked up a Polaroid camera – to give it a physical symbol that goes with you as a sitter and with me as a photographer to spread the sentiment.

If you’d like to participate, please contact me.

Now meet some of your fellow Londoners.


Agata loves her kitchen. Every bad day she returns home in Battersea and forgets her difficulties as she dives into the recipes and endless cooking. [19/10/2017]

Philip loves walking in Kensington Gardens. He gets to embrace the piece of nature there so oblivious to the busy city-life. [25/11/2017]

Dryden has developed an intimacy with the spot in front of King’s College Waterloo campus where he waits for his girlfriend Jill to finish her class and meet him. [10/02/2018]

Jill moved to London an year back from Canada and was excited to see the Southbank area which she had seen in the film ‘Love Actually’. Finally a fantasy has become real to her. [10/02/2018]

Raquel moved to London an year back and fall in love with Dalston. The little hidden gems like this abandoned warehouse gives her hope to build a community for young artists in need for space. [24/02/2018]

Imperial War Museum takes Elvis back to his time as a soldier witnessing the horrors of war up close. He now works as a documentary film-maker actively capturing areas of the society seeking our attention and kindness. [25/02/2018]


Sasha found a deep connection at this yoga studio in Covent Garden, specially working with Emi and attending her classes. She believes they are all trying to become better people both physically and spiritually. [25/02/2018]

Giovanna developed a strong attachment to Kew garden not only for the beauty of the flora there but also for the collection of Marianne North’s paintings. She remembers the first time she visited this unpretentous little building in the garden and got totally memerised by the paintings inside. [05/05/2018]

Magdalena lives in East Village, Stratford. She loves the peace around the area, specially near the river Lea and the Wetlands. She can reconnect with herself there when she takes her walks in the quiet. [12/07/2018]


Dana loves walking around Millwall dock and Canary wharf, close to the water. She feels it gives her a sense of belonging along with peace and quiet despite the urban ambience. [09/09/2018]

Whilst living in Wapping, Laura discovered these little parks and quiet spaces near the canal and the river, in the middle of the urban chaos, giving her time to walk and think. [21/10/2018]