the second eye
Fine art photography

Dreams and Stories

‘Dreams and stories’ is a series evoked by the nuances of life and people. It mixes real and surreal ideas concocting dream-like images. The compositions and colours are mostly minimalistic but accentuated by poses and props that form part of the story and symbolism.


The Rising


The Rising

This is the story of not giving up, to rise against all odds, to fight back against differences and typecasts, making your own identity.


World at War

This story symbolises how war seduces mankind over time. We never learn from history and continue to let this seduction control us over and over again. How can anything that involves killing people be at all considered an option towards peace? Why can’t we see the world as one big family?



The story symbolises how we have mistreated women across societies, cultures and time, how we have fabricated the concept of sin and innocence in the society and inevitably oppressed women.


The Inevitable truth


This is the story of death, the true lover of life. Every beginning has an end and perhaps the grace is in embracing it as truth and trying to make this journey a memorable one. And it is always the journey not the end or destination that matters.



We created religion to bring us together but now it divides us and even kills us. Probably it is time to be your own God.



Desire is a facet of life that can take many forms and feelings. The essence perhaps is to find the balance.